Maths : About the Curriculum


  • Stimulate the interest of students in the learning of mathematics;
  • Develop students’ understanding and acquisition of basic mathematical concepts and computational skills;
  • Develop students’ ability to think, and their creativity, solve problems and communicate;
  • Develop students’ number sense and spatial sense, and their ability to appreciate patterns and structures of number and shapes;
  • Enhance students’ lifelong learning abilities through basic mathematical knowledge.


  • The curriculum is divided into five learning dimensions: Number, Shape and Space, Measures, Data Handling and Algebra.
  • Each unit is further divided into learning objectives which progress from easy and concrete to difficult and abstract according to pupils’ cognitive development. Basic concepts in mathematics will first be learnt, and gradually be deepened and enriched, to develop pupils’ thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Our curriculum incorporates enhanced training in higher-ordered thinking, through teacher-led activities involving varieties of problem-solving strategies, in enabling pupils to develop higher-ordered thinking.