Library: About the Curriculum


  • To promote reading culture in school, broaden students’ horizons, and cultivate good reading habits and attitudes.
  • To organize various reading activities to arouse students’ interest in reading.
  • To provide curriculum-based books and resources to support teaching and learning.
  • To nurture students’ ability in mastering the skills of collecting and processing information, and self-learning, in order to achieve “learning from reading”.
  • To enhance students’ self-learning and life-long learning abilities.


  • One library lesson is delivered per week to Primary 1 to 3 students, introducing Chinese and English books of different genres, e.g. story books, picture books, science and history books.
  • Different teaching activities are planned to match the teaching content, such as library rules poster design, book cover design, newspaper clippings, bookmark design and rewriting story-ending, etc., so as to arouse interest in reading
  • A reading reward program is set up to encourage students to read more.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in reading activities.
  • A class library is placed in each classroom, and a “Book Crossing” corner is set up at school, to facilitate reading on campus.