• To build an interest in English
  • To develop the attitude and confidence in interacting with people and their environment using simple English.
  • To gradually develop basic concepts of English


  • The English Curriculum is composed of several learning themes which correspond with our students’ daily life and the world around them, helping to enhance their learning experience.
  • Learning through play helps children build their confidence and helps them to recognize their own abilities. Through focused participation and socialization, concentration in learning is improved.
  • Using Floppy’s Phonics, students will learn and practice the letter and sound correspondences of the English alphabet to familiarize themselves with it ready for reading, spelling and handwriting.
  • Through show and tell, students will be encouraged to learn new vocabulary and speak in full sentences. Teachers and students will work together to develop creativity and build self-esteem.
  • Reading together at a young age helps children to become familiar with letters, words, and language. It also stimulates critical thinking and learning the difference between reality and the imaginary.